* Enrollment is 100% paperless this year!  Please click the link to download our Registration Form for 2019-2020. This .pdf file can be opened and filled out at your convenience.  Be sure to save the file using the “Save As” option.  This will allow you to stop and finish filling out the form later if you are unable to complete it in one session.

  1. Download the 2019-2020 Registration Form
    2019-2020 Registration Form
  2. Personalize your form by using “Save As” in this format:
    Last Name_First Name 2019-2020.pdf  (child’s first name)
  3. Please email your completed electronic form to:


Thank you for your cooperation in our effort to reduce paper!

If you do not intend to re-enroll your child for the upcoming school year, please download and complete the Withdrawal Form.
2019-2020 Withdrawal Form

Download the Parent Handbook