Curriculum & Programs


Our 3-Mission Vision: Love of God, Love of Others and the Passion for Learning

Philosophy of Education

The school strongly believes that learning is a process. A passion for learning therefore is what we strive for everyday in our classes. We want to be able to develop and sustain the child’s natural curiosity so that as he moves on in life the love of learning will always be there. We work towards a hands-on approach and always incorporating the element of fun in all our activities.

We believe that each child is unique and because of this we have a tailored approach to the way we facilitate learning in the classroom. Each set of beliefs, customs and traditions as well as abilities of the child are recognized and taken into account as we work and play in our class. Although we have a set curriculum for each class, we still maintain a flexible environment. We are sensitive to each of our child’s preferences and temperaments for the day. With this knowledge, we provide variations in activities and a wealth of materials for them in the classroom.3kids

Being an Evangelical Lutheran Preschool, we imbibe the Christian values of Love, Faith, Grace, Respect and Responsibility. We strive to be models to our children at all times as we practice these values through our interactions with them.

Peachtree Road Lutheran Preschool will always strive to work hand in hand with the families in order to meet their needs, when it comes to the development of the child. We see the importance of having a healthy school and home environment for our children and because of this we will always encourage and welcome active parent participation.

We acknowledge a child’s need to assert autonomy and encourage them to do so with the help of positive discipline. We strive to have the children work out their problems and issues by themselves in the spirit of communication, understanding and appreciation of each other. We will also positively reinforce the child and let the child know that he is loved and valued, and that his actions do not dictate his character.


Adventurers Seekers
Butterfly Sunshine
Caterpillar Tadpole
Cub Trailblazers
Discoverers Travelers
Explorers Voyagers
Joey Pre-K Maple
Owl Pre-K Oak
Private Kindergarten
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PRLP uses a child-centered curriculum designed to meet students at their level and propel them to meet higher educational goals. Our lessons are all “extendable” depending on how ready the child is to learn more complex concepts. Every child is unique and learns differently – which is why we use a variety of learning resources to facilitate learning. We have large group, small group and individual instruction time in every classroom. We utilize centers (Math/Science, Language, Sand & Water, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art…) to enrich our learning experiences. We also have monthly in-house field trips to further our learning. Throughout the day, every moment is used as a “teachable moment.”

Children at PRLP are always encouraged to gain self-help skills, make appropriate choices, experiment, explore and most importantly, have fun while learning.

Summer Camp

Summer camp begins the Tuesday after Memorial Day and runs through the Wednesday before the new school year begins. Summer camp enrollment takes place in March. Children participate in outdoor play, music, Vacation Bible School, dance camp, water play and fieldtrips.


The children participate in chapel each morning. The Chapel service includes age appropriate songs, stories, questions and answers, and prayers.

Music & Movement

Each week we have a professional music teacher come to the center and conduct music and movement classes in every room. The teacher exposes students to the various types of musical flowergirlinstruments and sounds. This music program is included in the price of your tuition and is one of the things we do to enrich our curriculum.

Language Classes

Ms. Sophia, our fabulous Mandarin teacher, visits each classroom twice a week.  The children LOVE learning about the Chinese culture and language.

Enrichment Programs

We offer enrichment classes for children scheduled after the pre-school program. These classes are over and above our regular curriculum and are taught by professionals outside the center. Payment is separate from your school’s tuition and fees.  Just a few examples of what we offer are:  PlayBall, Ballet/Tap, Amazing Athletes, Soccer Champs, Musical Theater and Tumblebus.